Mindful eating

Have you ever wondered what would be the best way to identify that you should stop eating? Or do you always feel the need to eat industrialized products outside the meal schedules?

Know that this is a very common habit in the lives of children and adults and that can bring health problems.

From this, Mindful Eating was created to distinguish hunger and the desire to eat.

But the final, how does this method work?

The so-called Mindful Eating or eating with full attention is an approach that has as its main objective to know our dietary needs and to provide health and well-being by focusing on bodily signs and sensations present in our organism and In this process . With Mindful Eating professionals It facilitates the perception of food flavors, arousing the recognition of the different types of hunger, satiety, bringing a new meaning when eating and helping people to connect more closely to their which can in some way minimize the natural losses of the ageing process.

Second specialists umm a very common mistake is to eat in an exaggerated way when you are hungry, because we are obliged to eat foods that are available and we are unable to make better choices.

Watch what you are eating.

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