The Hydrotherapy

It is mistaken who believes that hydrotherapy is a treatment that has emerged recently, we can affirm that it is one of the first rehabilitation techniques that is registered.

The use of water for disease treatments has its onset documented for more than 600 years A. C and at that time people were only kept in immersion with thermal waters, this immersion was also widely used for the treatment of muscular and articular diseases as Paralysis and rheumatism among several other diseases.

Of course, with the advancement of Technology and studies, the human being has increasingly known the properties of water and what health benefits it is capable of providing.

Currently hydrotherapy is performed in adapted pools and is recommended for those who feel many muscular pains, have symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression and is considered a pioneer in combating the dreaded fibromyalgia, all due to the Benefits that water properties can provide us.
However, it is important to emphasize that this as any other treatment aimed at wellbeing and health should be performed by a trained professional and there should be discipline and focus of the patient.

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