Massages on the Beach

You probably know that Brazilians are a fan of beautiful beaches, good football and good beer is not new to anyone, is it?

But there is another practice that has been falling more and more in the taste of Brazilians, are the massages on the beach.

If the benefits of massage practices have already been scientifically proven if used in our day-to-day, why not enjoy to relax even more on a day of warmth and beach? It is with this goal that the so-called beach massage arose.

Massages are usually offered in tents on the beach front by specialized.

In massotherapy practices and has attracted an increasing audience, within this audience are practitioners of physical activities that prove the massages and say that there is nothing better than to unite the health that physical activity provides with the well-being and Relaxation of post-workout massages.

And also, how do you not feel totally relaxed with the calm of the sea and getting a massage, is not it?

Suitable for all ages, the tents that offer this service are increasingly disputed by tourists, so before you do a massage on the beach, relax to enjoy the calm of the sea.

Did you want to try it?

The Hydrotherapy

It is mistaken who believes that hydrotherapy is a treatment that has emerged recently, we can affirm that it is one of the first rehabilitation techniques that is registered.

The use of water for disease treatments has its onset documented for more than 600 years A. C and at that time people were only kept in immersion with thermal waters, this immersion was also widely used for the treatment of muscular and articular diseases as Paralysis and rheumatism among several other diseases.

Of course, with the advancement of Technology and studies, the human being has increasingly known the properties of water and what health benefits it is capable of providing.

Currently hydrotherapy is performed in adapted pools and is recommended for those who feel many muscular pains, have symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression and is considered a pioneer in combating the dreaded fibromyalgia, all due to the Benefits that water properties can provide us.
However, it is important to emphasize that this as any other treatment aimed at wellbeing and health should be performed by a trained professional and there should be discipline and focus of the patient.

Were you curious to learn more about hydrotherapy?

Lack of attention

One of the great problems of modern life is the difficulty of keeping the attention and focus, and when this characteristic is impaired it has an immense impact on several aspects of our life.

The lack of attention can hurt us and a lot. Our activities are compromised, we cannot study, listen, work, talk to other people because our minds fluctuate between moments of agitation and slowness, our thoughts roam between the past and the future and so we unbalanced in Keep our attention on what is happening at the present moment.

From this problem, many began to seek practices that would combat these symptoms and the one that had the most good results was the so-called meditation.

Forget that old concept that meditation makes people slow and simply relaxed. This millennial practice is capable of doing much more than that and its benefits have already been scientifically proven.

Meditation reestablishes the concentration process by bringing more balance to our faculty of being vigilant, helps us to awaken from a dormant or unconscious state that we live in when we act most often in the so-called airplane mode, providing Relaxation, focus and well-being.
In addition anyone can meditate, anywhere and anytime just be willing to disconnect from the outside world.

Mindful eating

Have you ever wondered what would be the best way to identify that you should stop eating? Or do you always feel the need to eat industrialized products outside the meal schedules?

Know that this is a very common habit in the lives of children and adults and that can bring health problems.

From this, Mindful Eating was created to distinguish hunger and the desire to eat.

But the final, how does this method work?

The so-called Mindful Eating or eating with full attention is an approach that has as its main objective to know our dietary needs and to provide health and well-being by focusing on bodily signs and sensations present in our organism and In this process . With Mindful Eating professionals It facilitates the perception of food flavors, arousing the recognition of the different types of hunger, satiety, bringing a new meaning when eating and helping people to connect more closely to their which can in some way minimize the natural losses of the ageing process.

Second specialists umm a very common mistake is to eat in an exaggerated way when you are hungry, because we are obliged to eat foods that are available and we are unable to make better choices.

Watch what you are eating.